Friends of Belgrave Cemetery
Leicester, England.
Protecting the past and caring for the future since 2004.

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The group will be marking the 100th anniversary of the day that WW1 casualties lost their lives by placing a posy of poppies on their memorials
in Belgrave cemetery on the date of the anniversary.
George Millington 1st November 1914
Henry Carter 6th December 1914
Charles Spencer 18th December 1914
Sidney Banbury 29th December 1914

William Smith 1st February 1915
William Carter 13th February 1915
George Slater 5th July 1915
George Jesson 17th August 1915
William Bowley 25th September 1915
Wilfred Renwick 13th October 1915
Herbert Toon 13th October 1915
Ernest Jackson 13th October 1915
Albert Wood 13th October 1915

William Daws 28th January 1916
Henry Clarke 14th February 1916
Harold Pell 20th February 1916
William Fisher 11th May 1916
Thomas Horner 6th July 1916
John Adnitt 14th July 1916
Samuel Essex 15th July 1916
Ernest Swann 7th August 1916
Thomas Inglesant 20th August 1916
Joseph Bailey 13th September 1916
Albert Crofts 15th September 1916
Harry Beaver 19th September 1916
John Inglesant 22nd September 1916
George Kirk 25th September 1916
Henry Goodman 25th September 1916
William Waiker 27th September 1916
Albert Grice 29th September 1916
John Essex 2nd September 1916
Bertram Horner 9th December 1916

Frank Bayes 29th January 1917
William Payne 16th February 1917
George Preston 28th February 1917
Peter Johnston 19th March 1917
Edward Britt 19th March 1917
John Baker 27th March 1917
William Broughton 29th March 1917
Eric Marston 23rd April 1917
Frank Wilkinson 28th April 1917
William Dennis 1st May 1917
Ernest Price 3rd May 1917
Edward Kirk 3rd May 1917
Guy Ballard 4th May 1917
George Doody 16th May 1917
Charles Hart 22nd June 1917
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