Friends of Belgrave Cemetery
Leicester, England.
Protecting the past and caring for the future since 2004.

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Site Tree
Site Tree


Due to the dreadful covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 and despite Bereavement Services suspending the Friends of Belgrave Cemetery Leicester, from all activities, the committee continued to work from home for the benefit of the cemetery. Cemetery records were available and members continued to visit their family graves.

Walter Stone died 1st June 1928 and is laid to rest in section B of the cemetery with three family members. Over the years, the Walter Stone memorial began to lean out of the upright and as it became worse the Friends felt that action was needed. Supported by local councillors they successfully applied for an Abbey Ward grant for the repair of the memorial. Carved in white Carrera marble in the style of a 6ft Scroll depicting ‘A Life Unfolding’, with the lily as a sign of purity and lead lettering, the work involving a new foundation was completed in July.

Belgrave Cemetery is a little gem of peace and tranquillity, certainly worth a visit and the ‘Friends’ believe it is their duty to help keep the cemetery looking as good as it can. They also take responsibility for telling the story of the cemetery and its 15,000 ‘residents’.

For further information please contact Dorothy Marshall (Chairwoman, Friends of Belgrave Cemetery)