Friends of Belgrave Cemetery
Leicester, England.
Protecting the past and caring for the future since 2004.

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Site Tree

Site Tree
FoBC group at the start of the day

Pictured left to right are FoBC Chair Dorothy Marshall the Deputy Lord Mayor of Leicester Cllr. Annette Byrne and direct descendants of Alderman Richard Hallam.
John Tomlinson raising the newly acquired FoBC flag
As a project for 2018 the group decided to restore the memorial of Alderman Richard Hallam Lord Mayor of Leicester 1935 (pictured left) who died in 1957.
The headstone having been deemed to be unsafe had been laid flat on the ground some years ago. Thanks to the advice and support from Cllr. Vijay Ryait the group successfully applied for a grant from the Leicester Abbey Ward.
A new concrete foundation was installed and the heavy headstone was pinned to it.
We were able to re-gild the silver lettering on the headstone thanks to contributions received from direct descendants of Alderman R Hallam and a fund raising event held at the Alderman Richard Hallam school which he founded.

The headstone laid flat after failing 'topple testing', in this position the stone and lettering would quickly deteriorate.
Now re-erected according to modern standards and re-gilded.
Sandra Moore dressed in Victorian costume taking the part of Elizabeth Goodwin on a guided walk of some of the more notable characters buried in the cemetery
Refreshments were served to visitors and many enquiries were received from people looking for the location family graves.